So, I'm looking for a good exercise book to help me play faster and maybe understand a little more theory. Also know my way around the fret board a little better

Anyone know of any good ones.
I took a look at Guitar Grimoire exercise book, it looked simple enough. Has anyone tried it? Can anyone give me recomendations?
There are lots of Guitar Grimoire books; it's a series. Unless there's some kind of compilation book, in which case, that's a great deal of knowledge in one package. If you want something for pure technique, look into Rock Discipline by John Petrucci.
I think it's best to consider speed (technique) and theory separately. For technique I've been using Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar - a very popular book for building speed. As for theory, I've never used a theory book so I can't comment.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.