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if you were offered free training in music from an amazing musician, but they are only giving it to you because they see you as a charity case, would you take it?

Balls to pride, you can get that later when you fuck bitches cos you're a guitar god.
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I think TS is stupid?

TS are you stupid?

Probably stupid.

On a serious note though, of course i would take the lessons. You stupid?
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Depends on how you mean 'charity case'. Like if they're going to treat me like a high-functioning retard and talk down to me the whole time and probably make me practice the caged system all day for the durations of our lesson then no.

If they think I'm poor or don't have friends or whatever they can think whatever the hell they want as long as they see what I'm actually able to do.
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I would. To hell with pride, I get lessons from a great guitarist that'll help me improve my playing.
Of course I would! Although, I'm already getting lessons from an amazing guitarist. They cost money though, but whatever. $25 isn't too bad for 45-60 minutes of quality lesson time.
Maybe. They may say "that's perfect" too much, when I'm playing something completely wrong.
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hell yeah. anyone whos heard me solo knows I am a charity case.
i could care less why they are giving it, if tosin abasi is offering lessons so he could wipe out panda bears, im taking that lesson, and im a vegan
F*ck yeah! For sure, I wouldn't even care!
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TS is stupid/has overinflated sense of self pride.
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I am a charity case so what do I care. Yes.
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Nah, unless it's a good singer because I've been putting off vocal coaching forever.

And yeah, I have an inflated sense of self pride.
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Yeah, except I wouldn't get guitar lessons, I'd get production lessons.

Same here. I've already got a grasp on guitar stuff, and production is a whole different world, and I'm fascinated by it, but so bad at it.

I even could be getting lessons from an absolutely amazing guitarist right now. But I'm not, because I have this fear of actually doing things.
No, well.. maybe. I'd think about it.
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In a crack heartbeat.
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I understand the value in production but why would you choose that over instrument abilities. If I had to choose between the two i would choose instrument because I feel like I can apply it more often than myself recording and mastering. Although I don't see my music and possible band with my friends music ever being professionally recorded, and indie recording knowledge would come in handy, but I can always get someone else to do that. I can't get someone to play what's in my head.
Jimi Hedrex didn't get lessons. And he made a million dollars. The answer is no, Ts. I am much too proud.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
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Jimi Hendrix didn't get lessons. And he made a million dollars. The answer is no, Ts. I am much too proud.

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Balls to pride, you can get that later when you fuck bitches cos you're a guitar god.

I love how the first answer so often sums up the entire thread.
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Yeah, before i had guitar lessons i thought i was pretty good, then when i started getting guitar lessons, i found out i knew jack shit even though i had been playing for 5 years.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Probably not.
I have a hard time accepting things that are given to me for free.
If I was poor, yes.

An amputee, probably not.
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