hey guys...i bought a yamaha erg121(gigmaker) about 6 months ago. Recently. the strings started to buzz on the 1st few frets. So i took it to the store from where i bought it and asked him to fix it. The guy adjusted the action (somewhere!) and the buzzing is gone. But the problem is the action is too high on the higher frets. Its slightly harder to play now, I cant do hammer ons and tappings easily. What should I do?
maybe i wasnt clear. i think i'll get it fixed for feathertouch action. i wanted to know if any pros out there could give me tips on how to take care of my guitar so that such things dont happen in the future. i need to stick with this one for at least another 2-3 yrs i think! so puhleez help.....guitar scene in the area i live in not so vibrant...i need to rely on sites like these for info