Thanks! I've been trying to work on a better recording setup so I can get a better sound.
Awesome! How long have you been playing? 2 or three years? Your fun tapping technique is something I would love to have.
Very impressive playing. You nailed the whammy bar antics !!!. It was very very good overall and your bends were always extremely expressive and perfect. Brilliant tapping technique also. The only thing that i could crit would be your vibrato. Its pretty good and smooth but i felt it could be a tiny bit wider in places.

I really enjoyed it and i left a comment and liked the video. C4C ?

SO awesome man! cant really crit anything... whats your sound interface? Do you feel any latency while playing? I use Guitar Rig with M-audio FT Pro and I get a very little latency that ****s my timing sometimes. Congratulations on your skill and expression this was a really great and enjoyable cover! Hope to hear more from you

I'd love that you commented my thread
Thanks for the comments! This was recorded without an audio interface. I just connected a 1/4" > 1/8" cable to my macbook and recorded in garageband w/guitar rig 4.

I just got a M-Audio FastTrackPro and condenser mic over the holidays. I've only done a little recording with it so far but it seems fantastic so far. Haven't had any latency issues as of yet. I'm hoping to have a new video soon using the new equipment.