I'm hosting a weekly riff battle on my youtube page... and tomorrow (today really) we're having a battle for $40.

Here's Previous BATTLES: ...

If you want to enter...

1. Download Backing Track(s): ...
- Use the shorter backing track, the long one is for non stop practice
2. Make A Riff Based On The Theme - SMOOTHEST RIFF WINS
3. Upload the riff to youtube and send the link to ... OR to my above youtube channel in a message
4. NO AUTO-WAH, that's just cheap
5. 100% FREE.

People vote in the comments of the compiled battle video entries (i'll upload it on my channel) whose riff they liked the most/fit the theme best. The HIGHEST VOTED person wins $40 via paypal. You CAN encourage people on facebook or any following you have TO VOTE, but you can't suggest they vote for YOU. This is so it's a fair unbiased battle, not a fan war. I don't make a separate video for my 9000 subscribers telling them to vote for me, so please respect this one.

I host one of these each week, and each week I win I up the ante / prize money by $10. It's been 3 battles and I haven't been beat thus far, so right now the prize is $40, next week is $50 depending on how tomorrow goes.

PLEASE do this as soon as possible since the battle is TODAY. It doesn't take that long to make a riff, so do it. It's good practice and you could win money. literally no losing here.

Hope to see you guys there.