parallel scale?
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Well, there are two answers to your question.

1. The B minor pentatonic scale has fewer notes than the B minor scale.

B minor pentatonic scale:
B D E F# A B

B minor scale:
B C# D E F# G A B

As you can see, the B minor scale has the C# and the G, that the B minor pentatonic scale doesn't have.

2. Not all notes have to belong to the the key; these notes are called accidentals.
Without looking to check the details of the song, that's the minor pentatonic you've linked to.

Have you thought about the natural or harmonic minor scales, or any of the modes?

Thought not.
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Listen to the last bar of the solo before the acoustic part comes in. There is some kind of change to the chords being played. That ascending run is purely the A natural minor scale.

Being as the acoustic part starts with an A minor chord. Whats happeining makes perfect sense.
Isn't there a key change later in the song? Regardless that first solo uses B minor, then there's a key change at the very end to A minor where Kirk uses the A minor scale. Modes don't apply.
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