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I was messing around on Audacity, editing a song and I found this really trick feature on the delay effect. You can set the delay to pitch-shift the repeats by any amount you dial in. The coolest thing about it is it's not just your standard oct up or down, you can actually dial in "in between" pitches like 0.24 of a semitone. That gets you some really creepy sounds.

I was wondering if there's anything similar in pedal form? A delay which would pitch shift the repeats. Boss had the PS-3 thing, but that doesn't do the thing I want.

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Either get a delay with an effects loop and throw a POG or something similar in the loop, or get a splitter to run your signal stereo, send one end dry, and send the other through a delay and follow it with a pitch shifter, and run the delay entirely wet signal, and then merge the stereo signal back together afterward. The first way is obviously easier...
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EHX memory toy has a "mod" switch which modulates the pitch of the delayed sound. Makes it almost chorus-y.
I did it with a pod hd500

I did one where it was up a 5th, and one with a whammy


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Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine

I got unit#26 and it's really really trippy.
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Eventide Pitchfactor does that and way way more
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