I bought the 150SCE (Cedar top w/bubinga sides). For the money, it's great. I've compared it to my friend's Takamine which was way more expensive and to me they play and sound nearly identical. I'd buy an Xaviere acoustic over any other acoustic in it's price range.
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Just wondering if anyone has one of these Acoustics? They sell them on Guitar Fetish.

Just wanted to contribute to the board, and say that I've just recently gotten an Xaviere XV-130S , and I couldn't be happier with it.
Now I'm no acoustic expert, I'll admit, but the workmanship on it seems flawless, and it sounds great. I played lots of $300-400 models in stores, and it sounds every bit as good as all those did, if not better. All for $190 shipped to my door. So no regrets here. For what it is, i.e. budget level, I think its a hell of a standout........
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Sorry for the 2-year bump but I did get a Xaviere guitar and thought this thread might be useful for anyone planning on getting one. Will (hopefully) post a review soon.
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