Not necessarily the riff itself but what is the heaviest of the heavy when you think of the most brutal tone. For me the two guys that stand out most are Dimebag Darrel (Pantera) and Tommy Victor (Prong). I think Darren Malakian deserves a mention as well but the two others are far superior guitarists. I'll give an example of what I think are their most brutal tones.

It makes them disappear (Dime bag)


And Detached (Tommy)


What can you guys come up with? These are two that really stand out in my mind when I think The heaviest tones. There are dozens of examples from both these guys that I could have put up here. I'm interested in what you guys can come up with, use different bands than these two. So whatcha got?
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brootal tones!!

Define brutal?

Click the youtube links. There's your definition. The tone of the guitar and bass.
The most brutal tone is easily the tone from Darker Handcraft by Trap Them. It's like instead of hitting a guitar with lots of gain lightly, they smacked the SHIT out of a guitar with lower gain and it sounds megabr00talz.

Srsly though it's a great album.
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