Hi guys i cant decide which guitar should i buy and came here to ask.I play variety of genres from metal to blues even jazz and love all of them.I alredy have an ibanez rg2570mz and want to buy a real nice,comfortable guitar.I am thing about getting a strat, esp ,jackson soloist or musicman steve lukather ,jp or steve morse model.So what are your suggestions??
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I would look at hollowbodies as well. Great for jazz and blues, some can do metal, but I wouldn't recommend it cause the feedback is atrocious on some of them. I would look at getting a les paul or sg. Strats are good, but don't pass up telecasters. It would help to know budget, but a lot will come down to you just sitting down with some guitars and seeing what feels right.
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thanks for the advice they're really awesome but it is hard to find and try one of them in where i am living
I dont have a lot of money but i will look for used ones so i dont really have a price range
Strats have a great clean sound they would be good for the style of music you play. Maybe look into a Gibson or epiphone semi hollow or hollow model they are quite brilliant also.