Too little mid's or too much treble..... either way, it just sounds too damn shrill for me, I much prefer the Boss MD-2 over the Power Stack, but I prefer the Ibanez JD-9 over that....it has the Mid boost knob that really cranks the mids just perfect for my liking.
I like the power stack. Its actually 1 of 2 pedals I like from boss.....the other being the ns-2

The power stack is good at giving u that quick metal rhythm tone. Doesn't have the greatest versatility but it nails those Metallica thrash tones. Its nice to know no matter what your rig u can have a solid metal tone.

That being said I wouldn't pick it up unless it was dirt cheap and just to have it. Around the price range u could easily get something better
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Yes, the MI audio one. Not really looking for a metal sound. Just that cranked Marshall sound.
Ok, last one, Fulltone PlimSoul. Then I'm heading out to try them all.
i think pretty much any cheap high gain pedal sounds like garbage, including boss metals. cheaper pedals cann pull off blues and ODs better, like a bad monkey.
got the crunchbox. not bad. sounds good using it with amp breaking up. just got a radial plexitone. now that thing is a beast. can plug that thing into anything and get a good sound.