Hi guys, tonight Im happy to present you the latest heavy metal demo by me and my friend Matan Shitrit. Its one of our best recordings so far (writing and sound) so Im really excited about it.


Comments will be very appreciated and I hope that you like it.
That solo tone is pretty good. It sounds very similar to an Iron Maiden solo tone, most noticeable on the first solo. Overall it sounds good.

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Good job man, something happens with the lead @ 2:50 - Wrong notes maybe?

Also the mix is pretty guitar heavey and i have a hard time hearing the drums. Specifically the bass drum. Overall the song is pretty cool, to me it needs more work on the 'mix'.

Cool song!!!
Thanks for the comments! Ill definately consider making the drums louder in the next demo
Like the intro, very nice tone on the guitars! Don't like the tone on the distorted guitars at all though, way too harsh and kinda cheap sounding. Also I think they're too high in the mix. The bass guitar sounds nice. Guitar solo is pretty cool. It's a very good song, well put together etc, just sort out the rhythm guitar tone.