Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me identify this kinda unique sound that Colour Haze's Stefan Koglek produces with his guitar. It's that "clicky" sound that he gets when he plucks a string as heard here:


(skip to 1:17)

I have an Epiphone G400 SG with a Zoom G2.1u pedal - I know it's a bit much to ask someone to find the exact sound there but any pointers would be much appreciated - I've only just got this pedal and I'm not too familiar with the various settings on it.

To me it kinda sounds like he's using a tube amp that's just breaking up and then picking lightly with a thick plectum. I have no idea how to get a Zoom to sound like that, though
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From watching live videos,I'm fairly sure its harmonics on a bass,with a guitar doing the same thing further in.
Either way,Stefan Koglek is a god,and Elecktrohasch is his bible of a record company.
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