So i got ezdrummer to work.
When i open toontrack solo, chose a groove and drop it into a Guitarpro drumtrack, GP automaticly opens a new piano track that makes wieard sounds.

So how do i actually drop midi into gp the same way that i drop into reaper(my daw)?
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i suppose you could go Import > Import MIDI, or whatever it is in Guitar Pro. i know you can do that with TuxGuitar at least.
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did you try changing the instrument track to a percussion track?

also, this might not work just because the midi values(for each drum sound) might be different

instead of using the midi to use samples from ezdrummer your just copying the midi to use in guitarpro for use with guitarpro's samples

you might have to go in and rearrange all of the midi so that its actually triggering a hi-hat when its supposed to.