Hello there today I picked up my Squier Stratocaster for the first time in about 6 months. While I was playing around on it I noticed that parts of the neck are not as smooth as other parts and also feels sticky. What can I use to get the neck to feel smooth again. Also I should let you know that this guitar is about 7 years old.
Rub the neck with some 0000 steel whool. It will make the neck feel like a worn in satin neck. I do it to every guitar I get.
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My Flying v robot has a really sticky neck too. Feels like a thick ass coat of nitro, which is why i generally use it for rhythm guitar.
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Fast Fret could help maybe....

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What I like to do is sand the finish off the neck (about 400 grit sand paper) and then smooth it out. After that, I run a few coasts of tung oil on it. super fast.
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