So all of a sudden it seems, I've been having a problem with my Les Paul where when plugged into any amplifier I just get constant buzzing feedback. This happens when the volume on the amp is completely down, otherwise if the volume is on, even the slightest notch above 1, I get a deafening roar of feedback. (The noise you'd get if you unplugged your instrument with the amp still on). It's not high pitched or squealy, just a low monotone buzzing. It's not the amp, and not the cable. I've tried at least 3 different amps and a few cables as well. I can post a sound file of the buzzing if that would help anyone.

The guitar is fairly new, never been modified, factory pickups etc. Nothing looks out of place, no loose screws, so I think it's either an internal wiring issue or the pickups have gone bad. The pickups are "Alnico Classic Humbuckers".

If I tilt the guitar in different angles, I can get some sound but with noticeable background feedback. The only angle I found that yielded results was holding the guitar completely horizontal, standing up with a strap. If anyone has any suggestions or has encountered this problem themselves, any advice is greatly appreciated. I'd just like to know if the only solution is to head to Guitar Center and have them look at it or if there is something that I can do myself.
Regin Smiður
Sounds like either a loose wire, but it's more than likely your input jack. My Schecter did the same thing for awhile. If it's new, the input jack shouldn't have any problems with it, but if you want to be sure, they are like 3 or 4 dollars in most places. Having someone put a new one in would fix any wiring issues it has. As long as they do it right.

If that isn't the case, the other most likely source would be the ground wire that's supposed to be connected to the bridge, but from what you have said i would check the input jack first.
When I touch anything, strings, pickups, tuning pegs, etc. I just get quiet crackling noises, but the feedback remains.
Regin Smiður
That's a grounding issue. If both PUs do it then it's most likely the ground wire has broken off at the output jack. A very simple fix for someone with rudimentary soldering skillls.
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