Hello UG!

I'm mainly an electric player, but whenever I pick up my acoustic, there is this one thing missing and that's the tremolo. I feel like my guitar is naked without it, so I took a look and found Bigsbys for acoustics!

Now, it's not going on my Taylor. It's going on my Ibanez ew35 that I got for 400 euros.
What are the effects? How much will the sustain loss be? Will tuning just be a dick? Does it sound like a good experiment? and, can I revert?
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Ok, so I have never tried a (flat top) acoustic with a Bigsby on it, but it looks kinda kool.

From the video of Bryan Adams Unplugged I cant hear much impairment, but it is amplified and I do not know how much mixing was done to the track.

I'm gonna guess tone and volume will be dampened (huge hunk of metal on the top preventing it vibrating as it should).
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