I checked it out. It was pretty good. But it would have been way better with some zakk style distortion and louder volume. but anyway, sounds good!
Intro os off beat, and some parts during the whole song. Tone could be more distorted, but overall its Ok.
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good tune. that aggresive pick rake thing you did in the video doesnt sound too good with a clean tone. And you should work on your unison bends, but overall was pretty good to hear
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damn J-Metal, why you so awesome

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About the tone, I forgot to mention that I was not with my usual amp, I'm using my small Orange, and I think I forgot to put the distortion on (wouldn't make much difference anyway xD) and the volume was not much high, so my tone was almost clean. I guess when I get my normal amp back my tone will get more aggresive xD

But anyway, thanks
Sorry I'm so late on the c4c, holidays and lack of internet kinda screwed me over haha.

I thought you did a very good job. The tone kinda reminded me a bit of queen's tone, which made this cover a little interesting, i thought it woulda been neat if you added a little echo with that tone. Your timing was a little off at some points, but generally your playing was very clean and nice. Good job!
Very good man! Awesome chops you have there. The only thing I could crit is that you should turn the volume up so the audio from the amp or whatever you are using is louder than the raw sound, and also the ending was not smooth at all :P . The fact that you weren't hiding anything behind lots of dist and delay adds a lot to the thirst thing I said, so congratulations on that
The playing was great, it was a bit off time during the intro mostly, but other than that it was great. The tone though was't really good at all :/ It could benefit from some distortion, and with it it'll do justice for your playing.
C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmOiP9iLU2k
Good job dude. I liked it. I also liked how you didn't just try to copy Zakk and you did your own thing. Would've sounded better with distortion though, IMO.