the good and the bad
the white and the black
you laugh when you hear the end of a joke
when the jump in logic overwhelms your mind
you can't help but just... laugh
ill tell you, "why did the girl drop her ice cream cone?''
"because she was hit by a bus"
the absence of a joke, the funny imagery, it overwhelms you
you can't but help... laugh
there are bad jokes though
beyond bad jokes told behind dusty, red, velvet ropes
when you see you mother smile
so happy and serene
you see her slip the bottle of hydrocodone into her purse
still smiling.. so happy
you are familiar with laughter and this feeling is completely opposite
and there is no definition or word for it
it's not a trick it's a bad punchline
and it's this distinction that kills you
that feeling that can only be described as a cancerous blackness
that starts at the bottom of you skull near you neck
then works it's way under you ears until it reaches you sinuses
then for the briefest moment.. you want to cry
because it feels like life itself is laughing at you
it only lasts for a second though and soon life is back to normal
you tell yourself oh well, "c'est la vie"
and go back to laughing...
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