Model: Fender 57’ Reissue Stratocaster Made In Japan Since 1993
Note: I’m only an intermediate player, so please forgive me for any dumb questions asked...

1) In terms of “SOUND QUALITY, it would be great if I could have some comments from the experienced players or experts who can really analyze whether the guitar sounds good or bad. Thus, I thought it would be nice if I could film a review on this guitar I just bought, and most probably I’ll be posting the video in a few days. However, as I mentioned, I’m only an intermediate player, which unfortunately I won’t be able to do a crazy solo up and down the neck. So I’m wondering, is there anything easy I could play and straight up you guys would be able to tell how the guitar sounds? Basically, I could play some simple chords or perhaps a crappy improvisation with an Am backing track using pentatonic scale, but would that help you guys judge the sound? Or is there anything specific (easy) I could play to help determine the sound quality of my guitar? Also, do I need to play the same thing over using all five ways of the switch? In other words, test through all the pick-ups? Or just simply one out of the five position in the switching section? If so, which pickup would be the best to set the switch on when it comes to testing sound quality?

2) In terms of “FAKE, even though I would like to believe this one is real (I hope? lol ), but there’s always a chance that the guitar I just bought is a fake since it’s second-handed. Thus, again.. I really need help from the experienced people who can identify / distinguish whether the guitar is a fake or not. However, which exactly are the parts of the guitar I need to take pictures of in order for you guys to judge whether it’s a fake or not? And most likely I’ll be posting the pictures along with the review video in a few days.

3) In terms of "PRICE", I bought it for exactly 22500 Baht In Thailand. Does this price sounds reasonable? Hopefully you guys can judge on the price from my region, and by the way, I was wondering, how much would this model cost if it's brand new? Also, a "standard Strat" or a "57'reissue Strat" is more expensive and better?

4) In terms of "LOOK", I kinda like the vintage yellowish looking maple neck along with the black and white body, or do you guys prefer the pure white clean maple neck / rosewood neck with black and white? XD btw, from your opinion, which type of neck is easier to play and feels more comfortable? a maple/rosewood neck?

5) In terms of "commentary / impressions", what do you guys have in mind for this specific model? Could be good or bad. I did searched up google & youtube, but I found it hard to find this specific model I got, info are quite limited. So I would like to hear more about this model from you guys if possible? Perhaps how's Japan made guitars? Anything special of a 57' reissue / from the year 1993? etc.

Here's A Picture Of My Guitar:
(I'll be posting more close-up pics and a review video for sound quality check once I have questions 1 & 2 answered from above.)

All replies will be highly appreciated.THANK YOU. =D
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As far as "Fake" goes, best you can do is check the serial number on the back of the headstock.

As far as looks, my opinion here of course, that guitar would look good with a black pick guard. Black/black with that neck and headstock would look pretty damn sweet to me!

HNGD, hope you enjoy it!
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That is a very nice guitar. It looks to be original and the price is good. If you want to test the sound quality you could play the same thing on all five positions, or just play with the middle pickup and get a pretty good idea of the other two. The most important thing is to have fun with it!
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Well it deffinately looks authentic. I doupt its a fake but if you truely want to know take pics of the body and neck from the side, and the headstock up close, the back of the headstock, and the tremolo. Honestly as long as you have a decent amp it will sound good this is true with nearly any guitar though. What is more important is do you think it sounds good?

Okay questions 1 and 2 answered PICS AND VIDEO TIME!

Also HNGD!
Definately looks like the real thing . I've been playing for over 37 years and I use nothing but Strats . As far as tone and sound are conserned, there is nothing like the sound of a properly setup and restrung Strat, nothing , IMO !!! Leo Fender got it right when he invented it back in 1956 . Now, if you enjoy the sounds that you're getting from it and are comfortable playing it, then that is all that's important. Don't ever forget that and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, okay ? Now go and enjoy your new guitar !!!