First of all, I like your tone.

It sounds pretty good, but I think you can start going outside your comfort zone now. It sounds like your not using the entire neck, no slides / legato / arpeggios and I didn't really hear your vibrato shine as much as it could. Also, I like it when you start a lick by picking the first note very hard ( for example, that little piece at 0.19 ), it really gives you that Opeth sound.

Still, it sounded pretty good, keep at it and you'll be there in no time!
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Thanks man! Could you tell I was using a Bugera 6262, and stock Ibanez active pickups? What do you suggest that I do to improve? Learn a lead that uses one of those techniques and then try to make my own?
Not really, the sound is pretty warm for an Ibanez to my ears atleast. Still, point is, I like the tone ^^

I assume it's two tracks - one with the chords and one with the lead over it, but I find that the lead doesn't really pop out until that part at .20 or so. You also use a lot of notes in the same reach, I like going up to the 15th fret or so because contrast really adds depth to solos.

Most people ( including myself ) need to break out of the linear scale thing and use more contrast and dynamics in their solos, might want to play around with that.

But yes, learning another solo and then incorporating their techniques in your playing is a great way to get better. I do suggest you try learning some stuff by ear too - trust me, once you learn it, you'll see it's worth all the effort.

So which solo you might ask yourself? Just whatever you want to play, really. I suggest you take a look at Opeth's stuff, if you don't know them yet, Blackwater Park is a great cd to start with ( more specifically, Bleak ).
Current gear:
Carvin CT6M
TC Electronics Dark Matter distortion
Harley Benton 2x12, with Celestion V30s
Laney Ironheart 60w tube amp
Nope, it's 3 tracks. The rhythm is double-tracked (one rhythm track panned hard right and one panned hard left) and then the lead is 65% to the right. Ok, I'll check Opeth out. I think in my next recording, I'll just EQ the lead this time instead of just adding some effects. Will do though, I definitely have to work on learning songs as I normally get frustrated trying to figure out the song as I mostly learn songs by ear. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
To actually get a sense of your playing and what needs work, a longer clip would be way more helpful. Can't really get a good sample of your playing from 30 seconds. Any chance for a longer track?
a video would be great as well so we can see what you're actually doing
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That long echo is kind of annoying, it masks the detail of what you're playing and confuses the rhythm a bit. Try a nice subtle reverb, or at least a shorter delay.
I really liked it, to me it had a bit of a pink floyd sort of tone to it.