Hey there UG, I'm about half-way through this song that I'm writing and I decided to record it to see how it'd sound after. So far I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results.

If anyone could give me some criticism on either the mix or the song-writing, I'd be grateful! Yes the playing is a bit sloppy at points but I haven't actually gone about learning the song 100% yet as it's not even finished.


C4C as well!
Guitar tone sounds good, really tight rhythms etc. I don't know what my problem with the mixing is, but it kind of sounds like a wall of noise if you get what I mean? The guitars don't exactly sound very "defined". I'm sorry I can't give all too much feedback. I like all the lead lines, it adds a new kind of layer to the track and sounds really good The mellow section also sounds good, not quite the biggest fan of the drums. Maybe try add a poly rhythm of some sort on the hi-hat maybe? The fast section afterwards is badass! \m/

Overall very good and structured quite well! There is room for improvement but good job
Grr, I cant seam to get this to show me a running time stamp so i cant figure out how to comment at specific times. I will try to describe,

Approximately half way through you start up a new rif and in this rif there is a dive bomb or a wammy effect. The problem for me was it happens to fast and almost sounds like a mistake in my opinion. tough to do those without being cliche and going over the top but in this case i feel its a little short for the drop.

The next comment as to do with where the 'clean' guitars come into the background as a 2nd layer. Love the idea but i would prefer there was a bit more grit added to them so they sit better with the other guitars. I'm digging the guitar tone for the most part all tho it does have a digital sound to me. Maybe thats caused by some higher frequencies being in there?

The high hat leading into the last part needs lossened up a bit. Its a little too light to sit on top of the heavey reverb of the guitars.

Just my 0.02 tho main!

Anyways, the riff's are bad ass and the timing is very interesting. I enjoyed listening to the whole thing and look forward to other stuff you come up with. Great job and keep it up!!
By "happens too fast" do you mean my playing was out of sync? Cause if that's the case I realize that. As I said before, I haven't 100% buckled down to get this all perfect, i just recorded my ideas so that i'd have a rough understanding of how it'd sound.

As for the hi-hat advice, I agree. I'll throw on a different sounding kit for that part as it'd probably fit better.

There are no "clean" guitars on the second layer, they're distorted guitars with some heavy reverb to keep them ambient. I may have went a little too far on the reverb though.
Good song composition, no complaints there; just go with your flow. The mix though seems to be lacking bass, and has too much treble. As stated above, there seems to be a wall of noise, probably due to a lack of filtering of the high and low frequencies. Also, the kick and snare drum need more attack so it fits better in the mix.

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There is no bass in the track. I need someone with a 5 string bass to help me out on that end, I don't exactly have access to one. Once the bass is in there I'm sure the bass/treble mix will balance out quite a bit more.

By more attack do you mean a longer or shorter attack?
Sorry, I should have clarified. I meant attack (clarity) as in boosting the 3khz to 5khz range for the kick drum and 2.5khz to 5khz for the snare drum.
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The timing is great, very tight playing. The second guitar part that comes in at 0:16 is great, but the transition at 0:32 seems very abrupt to me. I think maybe if you just play that fast lead lick one more time it may lessen the abruptness. Also the section from about 1:02-1:12 sounds too robotic. Not really sure how you could improve it, though. Love the two high end guitar parts that come in at 1:16. I would say to lower the reverb on the "clean" guitar parts just a little bit though, as you said.