So I bought this strat copy for $120 off Ebay. Not too shabby, AXL Johnson Distressed strat.

I didn't necessarily like the way it looked in person so I decided I'd make it into my first project, mostly because I like the way it feels, but not necessarily the way it sounds and looks.

Plan: Going to strip the paint, have a friend burn a design into the wood, and then stain the wood a slightly darker color which will hopefully accentuate the burn and keep the wood from looking.... like plain old light wood.

Then, replacing the pickguard with a White/black/white tuxedo type pickguard + (possibly) the SA/SA/85 active Dragonfire pickup set in black. Black knobs, black switch.

Last but not least, black locking tuners, black strap buttons, and a black trem bridge w/ a steel block. I guess I'll add in that black neck plate and white trem cover.

Overall, this is going to take... maybe a month or two, so stay tuned because I'm starting the project in Texas and continuing it in Ohio where I go to school.

Pictures to get you acquainted.

PS: I've also been considering some of the high output prewired HSH configuration pickguards from Dragonfire/guitarpartsonline so if any of you think that's a better way to go than the SA/SA/85, I'm all ears. Convince me.
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My first guitar was a Johnson. I approve, haha. I'll be doing some similar work on my own. Keep us updated.
I think today I'm going to begin the paint removal process but I may wait until tomorrow so I can make a home depot run and get some chemical paint remover.

Seems like it would be much easier than sandpaper especially given how thin the paint on the guitar is.