Hi! I've found a Ibanez RG-1550 and a RG-2620 used for a pretty low price. Which is best between them? Is it only the pickups and tremolo thats different? It's the same neck, right?

So the Edge Zero vs Edge Pro, and DiMarzio IBZ vs Ibanez V8, V7, S1.

Which would be best for solos(fastest) and the most allround guitar?

(The RG-2620 is more expensive as new, right?)

Can you lock the Tremolo on any of those? (I mean so it becomes a hardtail)

Thanks for your help
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I say get the RG-2620. From what I've read, it seems like a pretty good guitar.
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2620 is a better instrument.

Edge pro is awesome and it has a piezo doesn't it.

Both sets of pups are lack luster.

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