Does anyone know anything I can do to my V? Its setup individual volume and a master tone + 3 way switch. You guys know any thing I can do to use up the extra pot I dont want to use? (master volume, master tone and then ???????) I also have a on-on-on mini toggle which i could use, any cool ideas pls share!
coil splitting, phasing, anything is possible, you could make the extra pot to a push-pull and then make it coil splitting and the switch could be for phasing or what not
You could make it a blend pot... that's really all you can do without putting a push-pull in. If you don't mind swapping the pot out, you could make it a variable coil tap, which lets you dial in how much of the second coil is used. It's a really cool mod.
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The on/on/on mini toggle can be wired to one of your pickups to allow for Series/Split/Parallel wiring if you're up for it, and the extra pot can be used as a black ice clipping circuit if you're into that stuff. I don't suggest going for the blend idea as it's not a dual ganged pot and therefore doesn't ground out the other pickup when turned to either side. If you want a blend, do it the right way with a dual ganged pot but since you're set on not changing it, I'd leave that alone. You should really read the beginning of the Ultimate Wiring Thread, it will help you more than any one of us in here can.
Forgot about that black ice thing. That's a cool idea, I'd do that if I were you. Definitely do the series/split/parallel thing too, it looks relatively straightforward: http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/WIRING_MOD_HB004/Guitar-Wiring-Mod-HumbuckerNorth-CoilParallel.html
^^ that looks pretty cool, ill probably do that ^^
BTW guys, if i do choose to do that can I just use the same switch for both of the pickups?
So that whatever the switch is selecting will be affecting both the Humbuckers?
Would that work or do I really need to use 2 separate switches?
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