Hi everyone !
I just bought a Korg AX5G, and i tryed to tweak the presets to find a good AC/DC tone, in vain !
I can't find it ! If somebody please can give me good presets for AC/DC !
Ah, i searched on the internet on a website where there is a lot of KORG patchs but i didn't like the patchs there !
Thanks! And sorry for my bad english !

ps: i'm using the korg AX5G with a cheap amp (Academy brand) maybe it's the source of the problem
The problem is that AC/DC use a very warm, tube-driven sound. The AX5G is of course digital and therefore it is very hard to get a good crunch sound out of it. Don't expect to get a really good AC/DC tone; if you want to get one I'd suggest to get a Blackstar HT pedal or - if you have some extra money - look at Himmelstrutz pedals.