Hey guys,

I got a copy of Pro Tools 10 for Christmas as the uni that i'm going to uses it (i'm currently a Logic Pro user) and I need to get used to the programme. I have an iMac and a macbook pro that I would like to put it on, but does it come with 2 licenses like Logic does?

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Avid is usually greedy. My crappy Pro Tools LE only has one license, so I imagine Pro Tools 10 would only have one as well.

Lol wut? I had Pro Tools LE installed on like 4 computers. I just needed to have my Mbox or other Digidesign Hardware plugged in to use it. I mean, don't you kids know how your software is authorized or did you get your copy of LE off a torrent site?

You can install PT10 on as many computers as you want. Its authorization is via the iLok. You can install it on as many PCs as you want, you just need to have your iLok inserted to use it.
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