5 minutes guitar solo. I bet your band loves that.
What do you get if you drop a piano down a mineshaft?
To be quite honest, this is the sort of playing that makes people hate guitar players. You're a good player, but anyone who starts playing with his teeth within 20 seconds, plays overhanded for no reason and does most of his soloing while somebody is singing (HUGE no-no) is trying to become the focal point rather a solid band member.

In a band setting like this one, let the music be the center of attention, and stop soloing while the singer is singing. You'll have a chance to solo - no need to do this so often, it's like yelling in the audience member's faces every few seconds.
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lol i like how you're trying to show off but you stare at your fretboard and awkwardly bounce around the whole time (when you're not doing boring tricks)

i know people who could play a power chord with regular technique without distracting from the song and look cooler than you
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