Hey everyone, I finally completed modding my 2008 Squier Standard Strat, which I got back in June. While it originally was a great guitar, I got the itch to do more with it ,so I said to hell with it and decided to re-do the entire guitar from top to bottom. Squier Standards come with 500k pots, so I swapped those out in place of Fender 250 K's and then replaced the cheap 5 way switch with a MIA Fender Strat 5 way one instead. Next, I installed a set of Fender Custom Shop 57/62 pickups which I got on E-Bay brand new, for only $100.00 . I then put in a Fender " F " neck plate on the back heel along with a 70's Fender Strat waterslide headstock decal and a set of Fender MIA roller string trees for better tuning stability . I would now put this up against any MIA Fender Strat . It's a friggin tone monster and sounds great !