My g string keeps buzzing wether it's played open or on any fret...tried adjusting the truss rod but nothing helped...any ideas?
If it does it when it's open and the truss rod is properly adjusted and the saddle isn't set ridiculously low, then you probably have a problem with the nut: either it's filed too deeply so the string hits the first fret, or it's filed too widely so the string buzzes in the nut.

Try out a heavier guage g string if you don't want to mess with the nut, otherwise buy a new one.

I recently got a pre-filed nut for my p-bass after the last one broke...didn't think about the issue that comes from me using super light tops. Now I have the buzz until I get a new one and file it myself or switch guages
i will try and fix the nut...that's the only thing that could be wrong since it doesn't matter wich fret i try or wich saddle height
see...the string fits the nut perfectly..no wiggle room and yet it's not outside...still it buzzes on te open 1st or even the 22nd fret...I can't figure this one out...i'm utterly baffeled by this..
Is the neck perfectly straight or does it have enough bow, so the string doesn't buzz when vibrating? Maybe it does have some backbow?
How high is the g string above the fretboard?
Is it only on g string?

Also, it's really wierd to hear that theres buzz on the last fret... maybe some screw is loose and is vibrating when g is plucked. Try to locate where it buzzes, because no way you can have fret buzz on the last fret (i assume it's the last). In that scenario it can be something else, but can't tell from waht you describe.
string is as high as possible...neck isn't straight it has quite a lot of bow..yes only the g string and because of the last fret buzzing i'm assuming the string is faulty...there must be a ...umm..what's the word...the little wire that the stirng is made of loosse somewhere so i'll try a new string
Yeah, you should try just putting on a new string. I'm not sure what you mean by a lot of bow, but too much bow can cause buzzing to. But i guess if it's between 0,3-0,7mm at 7th fret, then something else must be the problem.