Why are there hardly any Devin Townsend tabs on this website? Pisses me off! I want to play SUMERIA so badly, its so brutal!
this guy covers it on bass
I know the song is in open B tuning, BF#BF#BD#
I am trying to figure it out but it isnt easy, I am slightly tone deaf... Its all bad, so Its just over my abilities to figure out by ear.
I would love you forever if you tabbed this song out. Even a shitty attempt, i just need something to work with.
I got about 75ish percent of sumeria done if your still interested. The part I've got got most trouble with is the "Free my heart" part, since there's so much crap going on its hard to hear. And then the lead up to when joe duplantier comes in. Other then that i think I've got the rest sounding pretty good.
hells yeah post it? or upload it? id love to learn it. its really chromatic, i tried by ear last christmas
Mmk. Basically i got all the easy parts, everything else i'm to lazy to tackle right now. A good chunk of the songs done though, so it should get you started. If you want, Dev has a video on utube called mental deconstruction jam where he goes through a bunch of songs, including sumeria. So you can watch that to try to get the rest of the song. As for the tab, sorry that it's sloppy, but eh.
did you really tab that in 25/16
haha thats great, i dont have my axe on me but il definitely play it when i get the chance. the guitar pro is missing the layers, but i can definitely hear it.
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