Question,What tubes came in the 5150 block letter (EVH) amp head factory and what speakers came in the cabs.. I bought a "lite used" fullstack for my son for christmas the guy I bought it from said he put el-34 tubes in it.. I had those in my 100w marshall when I was a kid lil more then 17 yrs ago and know those did not come in this head.. did they? also snatched this thing for an amazing 600.00 bucks. he got up and was so stoked! Home run for me and the wife. Now its time to make it right again. Sounds great with no problems.. I did notice this morning that on the plug off the head the ground portion of the plug is gone.. thus causing a buzzing.. need a plug too... where can I get all this...been a long time for me.. thks .. looking to fix it right not piece it together.
This forum is for people who need help with the site, guitar questions go in the appropriate guitar-related forum. I'd go to Guitar Gear and Accesories for this one. The guys there will be glad to help figure out your problem.

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