I got a strat here and the bridge is junk. It is a two stud trem bridge and i want to replace it with a wilkinson. the link is here for the specs of the new bridge


The studs are currently spaced correctly as well as the string spread. But my concern is the inserts. Will the inserts go into the current studs in my guitar or no?

Also, I'm having trouble with the difference between the original and recessed routing.

No. The Wilkinson is its own animal and is not a drop-in replacement for the Fender design.

All is not lost. Take a look at the Super Vee Bladerunner bridge for Fender Strats. It is a very much improved unit.

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+1 for the Super-Vee. For a hardcore strat guy, Im not much of a trem guy, I always put in 5 springs and lock em down, but I have one guitar specifically for using the trem, and I use a Super-Vee. That thing has had several trems in it, none compare.
Unfortunately, I'm looking to spend under 150. Why would the wilkinson not fit though? It seems with all the specs that it would. But is there any two point trem bridge that is a good replacement? The distance between the studs is 55.9 mm

The Wilkinson isn't hard to install at all. One of the best bridges I've used. Any mods to the guitars should be minor as shown in that project link.
I feel like the people who own the Super Vee are paying people around here to advertise.
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@kyleisthename That certainly would explain a lot. I looked up a few threads and everyone seemed to be saying super vee... Which seems a little over priced and isn't even what I was asking for. I'm looking for a two point trem bridge, the super vee is four point...the wilkinson is cheaper and seems to be better and what I'm actually looking for. It seems like there's a lot of fan boys around lately for the super vee, sorry I don't mean to effend, but the things you're saying sound like they're being constructed in a company somewhere.

@poppameth your guitar looks great! Hopefully if I have any routing that needs to be done it will turn out like yours did. Also on a side note, you've answered a few of my other questions and you seem to know a lot about guitars. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help live given me and for all I've learned
No problem. Let me know if there is anything you need to know about the Wilkinson installation. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

I also think something is up with all the Super Vee recommendations. That's all you seem to hear. Either it's extremely good or way over hyped.
Awesome thanks! but yea it's getting really annoying with these people who keep recommending the super vee...I feel like they are just blade runner employees who are trying to advertise here to get some of the production flowing. But I ordered a lot of parts today including my wilkinson bridge. I'm aiming to replicate a Dave Murray strat and get a closer replica because the fender licensed one has a hard tail bridge. Here is a link to the Fender Dave Murray Strat


Mine will have all the same parts but with a different bridge and be a third of the price. I will be using this wiring diagram


on a seperate topic, how does the guitar you made play?
That green Ibanez RX170 was a piece of junk to begin with. After all the upgrades it sounds and plays great considering it has a plywood body. The action is higher than I like though, but this is nothing to do with the bridge. It's the crappy neck that it's always had. I believe it has a slight twist to it.
Have you considered getting an ibanez prestige neck? My friend got one and it made a huge difference in action and playability.