SO I was listening to random artists on youtube, and came across the song 'skin' by BOY. I really love the song, but what really caught my eye was in the middle of the song she breaks out a melodica and plays a little diddy on it. I LOVE the sound of this insturment. Has anyone played one? Are they hard to learn? Would LOVE to add this to my musical instruments for my folk stuff.
I have a cheap one and it's pretty simple. As long as you can breath and play keyboard competently, you can play a melodica easily(heck, you only need one hand). If you blow and don't play, nothing will happen so it's forgiving too. Playing it at an angle is a bit offputting at first and would be a pain if you've never played a keys.

It's not something you'll want to play on all the time though - it's more a novelty than something like a guitar.
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melodica's easy as hell as long as you know your way around a keyboard and you don't have asthma or something.