So thanks to Skyrim (Oh come on can you blame me? <_<...I kinda slacked off in one of my digital media classes, and missed an assignment that was to make a 3-5 minute film. Fortunately I'm able to make it up for half credit. Unfortunately, grades are due tomorrow. I'm a good video and editing guy, so I should be able to put something decent together, but can't figure out a decent idea for the life of me right now. I want to shoot something in my apartment right now, and have access to the following:

1. A cat
2. My parents and myself as actors if needed
3. My apartment..2 bedrooms/large living room/kitchen/bathroom.

Any genres sans porn, and can be silent. The shorter the better. Go go go!
Make the cat a Khajiit on his deathbed who just wants to see the sands of Elswyr before he dies.
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Right, here you go.

Characters: your mum = cindy, dad=johnny, cat=slartibartfast, you = tim

Tim discovers johnny dead in the bathroom. Cindy admits she did it, and a police investigation is taken place, and Cindy is found guilty in court. However, slartibartfast tells you it was him all along, and says he will kill you if you tell them. Then he makes you some cookies and you have sex with Cindy when you visit her in jail because you know she's innocent. Slartibartfast watches.
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Film your mother playing with the cat while you look over them protectively

...and title it "Watching my Mother's excited pussy"
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Watch that video below

If this video reaches 1000 views before Christmas, I'll play with my titties on cam.

I think it's pretty obvious there is a "Christmas Dinner" situation there to mine. Family gets together and there is a ton of drama and subtext for you to go after.

Here you go, your mom takes her wedding ring off to cook or do dishes or something, cut to the cat eating something off the table. Your mom finds the ring is missing and then the drama of her questioning you and your dad as her problems with the two of you comes to the surface. Maybe the father had an affair, their marriage isnt great, maybe your character had a drug problem or problems that would make her mistrust you too. Anyway, the ring would just be a symbolic way to get all those feelings to come out. Then in the end you cut to the Cat's litter box where the ring is sitting.
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make something tarantino-esque with awesome dialogue with the cat.

your inspiration is this picture

Put a cape on the cat and film it flying around in your hand.

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I'm really digging that wedding ring idea. It's sweet, simple, and effective in the time I have.

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make something tarantino-esque with awesome dialogue with the cat.

your inspiration is this picture

This also gave me an idea...it's a little bit unclear in my head but it revolves around my mom hiring the cat to kill her husband for life insurance, and then refusing to pay the cat his share of the money. And the cat gets revenge by _____

Watch any of the Paranormal Activity movies.

You could probably recreate most of any of them in as much time as it takes to record. Zero preparation basically. :/