Yup, that´s the only thing you are missing a bit. Practice on that by rocking out on rehearsals.

Other than that it is really nice.
Experience! Also self confidence is a big factor. Usually gigs with darker lighting or a darker scene are easier to perform in. When the light is at 100% at you all the time, it is pretty darn hard to put up a show. That is how you get exp. When you reach a certain level you will know what to do from heart. Also try to do something when it´s your main part of the song (solo, main riff etc.) and chill on the rest.
Your stage presence isn´t bad at all, I´m just saying it can be better.

A drink or two before the performance.
Yeah I need to gig more. Thx for the tips man, I did indeed have some vodka before that my friend got busted with lol, he got kicked from the competition