Hey guys, here's the thing, I have a little fret buzz on some frets, nothing too anoying, but you know, it's there.

I rarely play clean, very rarely in fact. Almost always some overdrive going on.
And as you know, OD tends to hide fret buzz..

So my question, could you live with a guitar that has a little fret buzz ?

I could give my guitar to a pro but the nearest one lives quite far from my home so it's always a hassle... Plus it's not free!
Honestly, it depends on your style.

Some of my favorite songs intentionally have fret-buzz in some of the guitar parts. Others need a perfectly clean, buzz-free setup to achieve the sound they're going for.

If it is affecting your playing, get it fixed. If you like the sound, why fix it?
Nope, I hate it. Mainly because I have OCD about things like that, and if I know its there then I won't stop 'til I get rid of it
You can never 100% get rid of all fret buzz, especially on acoustic guitars. I really don't understand why it bothers people, even just a super slight unnoticeable buzz will drive some people mad, and claim the guitar is utter crap.

I can live with some buzz, but if it's just awful and always there, it'll annoy me.
Personally, a little buzz doesn't bother me too much. I like really super low action and on my greco that gives me a little bit of buzzin' here and there. It probably depends on your personal preferences and your playing style. I've even used that particular guitar for recording and the little bit of fret buzz hasn't been a problem.
I have a pretty stupid amount of fret buzz on my Ibanez, but I never hear it since I never play it clean.

On the other handful of guitars I own there is a little. But nothing major. It doesn't really bother me until the notes start fretting out.
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Have buzz on my Epi LP, but its acoustic, never notice it when im pluged in So i dont really care
I play guitar unplugged/clean 95%+ of the time for dynamic reasons during my practice. Typically, buzz won't bother me as long as it isn't coming (notably) through the amp. That's just unacceptable and is compromising the sound quality in a studio or live setting. With OD it's not noticeable, but I've got a huge pet peeve about covering up sound nuances rather than fixing the problem. You don't need to give your guitar to a pro if you know what you're doing - or you could pay to get it set-up and the frets taken care of while the professional lets you watch and gives you pointers. Plenty of techs will do this for you if you ask nicely.
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Yeah. I have to; a .056 and an .080 aren't going to play nice, so I've had to work on a light playing style. It doesn't come through the amp that way, so that's okay. Anyway, I use the fret buzz as a dynamic when I really give the strings good wallop. It makes quite a nice clack.
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