Hey guys and girls! I just got an M-Audio Fast Track box and it came with Pro Tools SE. Since I'm new to the recording on computer thing, I have a couple questions.

I plan on using my Randall amplifier for recording as well. For this, do I simply plug the line out on the amp into the Fast Track box and record? If this is the case, how should I record it in the audio track - using a clean channel to pick up the guitar amp's signal?

If the above isn't the case, any advice would be appreciated!
Did ya get the c400? I just got mine a week ago. if you go out of the line out of the amp you want to use the input on the back of the unit. Adjust the gain on line one physically on the interface so it doesnt clip when playing. then add a new audio track and arm it for recording as well as monitoring on outputs 1 and 2. ive got wayyy better results tho mic'ing with a sm57. if you do go direct out of your amp you may want to experiment with ir's..
No, I've only got the regular Fast Track - it has the headphone input, the guitar input and a mic input as well, with knobs for Mic Gain, Guitar Gain, and Output. Any suggestions on that?
Same advice as above but just to be clear which amp? i was assuming you have a direct line out like on a spider but i realized you may have been talking about your preamp out or "send" @ the effects loop. if the later you will want to go into the guitar in if the former than into your line in.
My amp is a Randall RG75. It has an actual line out on the back of the amp. It then does have an effect loop as well. Would it be better to run it via the line-out or via the effect loop?
The effects loop method is more complicated and requires a few plugins which ill see if i can hunt down that tutorial. someone on here did a writeup. personally ive had better luck with a mic than any of the direct methods but im still learning myself.