Ok I have a Emu0404 sound card in my PC. Sounds great But im having an Issue getting the sound. It splits the Signal into 2 different ports. Left and Right ANd I don't have proper Monitor speakers. My Zoom G3 Pedal Also has an USB interface Built in. While It sounds great It does not capture the sound as great as the EMU0404.

I have tried a dozen ways to just get the EMU0404 to Capture the sound and then Listen back to it through My ZOOM Pedal. I select all the proper Outlets in Reaper and All my drivers are up to date But Whenever I play something Back I get this Horrible Clipping sound. Even if im just Using the ZOOM Pedal plugged in and web surfing or listing to an MP3 it will clip every other few seconds.

I have No clue why it can't handle simply giving me the sound. I Usbed this thing to my Netbook to record stuff just fine but now it clips constantly on a PC thats 10 times more powerful.
If I understand this right...your sending a loud sinal back through your zoom pedal. Your sending a loud sound threw and amping it. Good chance your zoom pedal is hardware clipping.
The Pedal has a USB port and acts as its own soundcard. So I can monitor what im playing with zero lag time with it's headphone out port. It plays back everything in whatever Daw/PC it is connected to.

Im simply running the out into my Emu0404 Soundcard because it handles the sound better and has a ton of effects because it has its own virtual mixer. And In my Daw I have the Card selected for Input and my ZOOM interface selected as the output.

But even when Im running the pedal on it's own ( The function the USB port was made for ) It clips/Lags during simple playback on my pc. yet works fine on my Netbook. ( Netbook is not even half of what my pc is ). All my drivers are updated and im still getting issues.
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Most sound cards, even the high end ones, are not good for recording. You'd be better off getting an interface and run your pedal to it.

Um, isn't an interface just a soundcard in an external enclosure?

PCIe is actually far better when it comes to bus speed than USB or Firewire.
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Yes, but they're built just for recording. That's why they handle the input better than sound cards. There's a lot of resources on the forum about using sound cards for recording. If the clipping is during the recording then the recording level needs to be lowered. If it's during the playback then it may be a buffer issue. I've known people having that issue with FL Studio and it was a simple fix. I could be wrong, because it's been a few years, but I'm pretty sure adjusting was the problem.
The buffer would only be a problem if he has recorded to many tracks or his computer is ancient. It sounds like he is just recording one track.

Is this true or you doing full songs?
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The buffer would only be a problem if he has recorded to many tracks or his computer is ancient. It sounds like he is just recording one track.

Is this true or you doing full songs?

He does say his pc is 10 times more powerful than the netbook he used. That doesn't give much insight, but I would assume that it's not ancient. So it shouldn't be the buffer then.
I have not yet found the source of the issue but for now i have changed the buffer for the usb pedal itself and it seems to have worked for the issue i was having. but it does not solve why the PC is having a hard time with the USB pedal when it was using the default settings that my notebook can handle no prob.

The PCI card i have is the EMU 0404, it was made for recording, it does work much better then the USB. It's basically its own mixing board with tons of great effects built in and tons of options for input. Its just a pain to use for output if you dont have the correct speakers to use for it. It splits the signal of the left and right into 2 different 1/4 size cables. so there would have to be a few steps to get it into a pair of headphones.