K so i picked up a Marshall JCM2000 TSL Head along with a 1960A Cab for christmas. It's great, and im trying to hook up a few pedals (wah, delay) to my amp using a Gator Bone pedalboard. Im having a few problems, and i have no experience with half stacks or fx loops alike.. it sounds like only about half of my sound is affected by the fx, especially noticeable with my crybaby. i also use a vox satchurator, and i have been getting a loud hiss from the pedal out too. The hiss becomes louder when i turn the pedal volume up. as far as i know, i have the connections right, but i cant figure out why my sound is not being directly affected by the fx..
Not sure what you mean? youll have cable from guitar to wah cable from wah to amp. then cable from send of amp to your delay and cable from delay to return..
You can have part of your pedalboard running in front of the amp and part in the loop, you just have to run two extra cables.
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I also would recommend if running pedals in front of the amp, and some in the FX loop, put all FX loop pedals in the second row for easier cable access.

The bottom 5 pedals are running in front of the amp.
The back 4 are in the FX loop.
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The confusing thing I had to learn is that not all of the pedals will go into the effects loop. You'll need 4 guitar cables the length it takes to go from your Amp to your pedal board. 1 cable form your guitar to the pedal board, into Tuner, wah, compressor, overdrive, distortion... then one cable coming from the "Send out" on the effects loop from your amp to the pedal board into chourus, delay, reverb, phase, flange, etc... the sound shaping effects, then the last cable running back to the "Effects Return" plug on the amp.
Some amps (I don't know about yours) has an effects level control somewhere that will actually turn up the volume on the entire effects loop.. some don't...

Hope this helps..
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k i was told by a guy at guitar center yesterday that wah should come after distortion etc, when not in fx loop and just running into input. i dont get how this works, it dosnt even fit on my pedalboard that way since its left to right, and there is a big area for wah..
There isnt really a "should" for the order. Its more common to have it in front of the distortion. Plus I like it better that way and thats what matters right? =) j/k You can certainly try it both ways and whichever one accomplishes the sound your going for cool. Your not going to damage it or anything..
I also have a satchurator and have used it on a tsl in my college. The setup I have it with is Guitar -> Wah -> Satchurator -> Tuner -> Amp
Setting I use for the Saturator is usually with gain around 8, tone around 3/4 and volume I always keep on 5. No hiss, plenty of gain, lovely.
Obviously mess about with gain to get the amount you want or tone to fit your clean channels' eq, but generally the golden rule I stick to with this pedal is keep volume on 5, when you kick it on then it doesn't come in too loud or quiet in comparison to the amp volume, most importantly though, no hiss.
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thanks a lot for the advice. i think the volume really made the difference for sure. even just a notch down can take it from wailing feedback to calmness. i am running satchurator through my crunch channel though, since i didnt like how it mixed on the clean as much. turning down the channel gain is another major factor that affects my noise.