Merry Christmas everyone!
And seasons greetings to all the rest!

Today I got my very first bass guitar (Been playing the six string for a decade) from my girlfriend of 4.5 months!

It is a SR400QM with a Lavender Burst finish, and it is beautiful!

So as I mentioned, I have not owned a bass before and have a couple questions. I have already gotten rid of most of my fret buzz, there was quite a bit when I first played it. Is it normal for a bass to have a little fret buzz? Or should I bring it to a professional to set it up?

And secondly, there seems to be this... ?clank? or something when I stop the low E string with my picking hand (I don't pick, I...walk with my fingers, what's that technique called?). I think it is caused by the string hitting a fret when I stop it.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys, See you later!!!
Get us some pics man! And that would be finger plucking...haha. Don't fight the clank. Embrace it, make it part of your sound! Or turn down the treble.
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Pics please?
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