Ive got a VM squier P bass and i've been thinking about modding it. Ive always been a sucker for a maple neck and mines a rosewood fret board, so that would be my first thing... Then i think i'd put in something like a badass II bridge and swap out my tuning pegs for matte black ones. Is it worth doing these mods to my current bass or should i get hold of a second one more to my tastes?
Well, from what I've heard the VM series is actually quite good. So yeah, I think it's worth it. The only thing I could say is make sure your hardware color matches completely. I bet it would look quite nice.

Just one thing though, what is the body made out of?
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Its a maple body if im not mistaken? I could be wrong though...

And i am pretty happy with the bass thats why i've been thinking of mods as a pose to a new one...
The Squier VM PBass is Agathis but it sounds punchy like a regular PBass. The BadAss II would definitely be worth it. A Maple fretboard would indeed look nice. If you want to go the cheaper route, Mighty Mite is pretty good. Or, you can get a Musikraft or a USACG (they often have special items on sale) neck.

What are those mighty mite necks like? I can get hold of one quite cheap at the moment, it looks like it would be pretty nice... Any personal experience with them?
Yep! They're very nice but not quite like the Fender PBass. If anything, the 2 I've assembled for buddies felt closer to the JBass.

Musikraft and USACG are pretty close or, you can snag a Fender MIM PBass Standard for the price of a new MM from eBay, if you're a bit patient. Re-sell your neck and it becomes even cheaper (overall cost).

Thanks for that man And i was thinking of getting a jazz bass neck anyway, i find them so much more comfortable. The P and Jazz are usually interchangeable right?
Also, will there be any problems i might run into changing the neck? And can you recommend any good P bass tuners? I'd quite like to get matte black ones, they have some on guitar fetish but i dont know if they're any good or not?
Depends if your looking for something that works but is a little cheap, i'd say try looking into wilkinson tuners or sperzel. And i highly doubt you may run into problems changing the neck as they are the same scale unless otherwise noted which the VM series is no noted as a different scale on necks.

Guitar fetish is quite good quality for the money so don't be scared of buying from them either, i've only bought from them once but still it was a really awesome buy so i will say upfront GO FOR IT. Hehe.
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Ahh right thanks for that I've heard good things about them, so i'll probably go with that.

One other thing, someone mentioned a bridge that was basically a cheaper alternative of the Badass II. anyone heard of these before? Or would i just be aswel getting a Badass II?
Getting a badass II equals having sustain for ages on your bass, i would just go for it, it was a dream for me to put badass II on a P-bass i once owned... Too bad the bass died before i was able to :'(

And if you getting black hardware, just change everything to black hehehe, including the bridge screws and whatnots. It will look in a more professional matter. Also once you start changing things throw a couple of pictures in this thread would ya?
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Yeah course i will Might be a week or two down the line though...

And yeah that was the plan, stick on a black bridge and tuners, screws would be a good idea too... And then the maple neck, and if i've got enough left over i'll stick some black beauties on it too
I really like modding but i dont know, these arent that difficult mods, but if you would screw up, you have no other bass to fall back on, so if i was in this situation, i would first buy a new one to then go and experiment with the older one
but anyways, its your choise, post some pics along the way
I really doubt i'll screw anything up, i dont need to drill or anything, every mod will be a screw into a old hole so i dont really have much to worry about there