I'd rather trust UG with this seeing as you know more about music than most people out there, I trust you guys

Anyway, could you tell me what you think of my covers/Original Songs on my Youtube channel, any advise, requests etc would be greatly appreciated!

I mainly play metal such as Trivium, My own compositions are mainly chilled out music but I'm still recording and uploading so expect more!

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I think you should take the time to leave a note saying what genre you're playing so we know what to expect. Otherwise it's a waste for time and can't end up with you getting some troll comments.
Just saying.
Not bad, I like the Street Lights song - I'm not a fan of guitar solos in general though and didn't like the one at the end. It kind of felt out of place, you know?
It sounds like it could be in a commercial You should definitely try pitching to some company out there. (not really sure how that's done. Just throwing ideas >.>

Vocals would make this song shine a lot more. It gets kind of boring just listening to instruments that aren't doing anything to out of the ordinary. Find a singer and see how people like your band then. There's not too many indie style bands that I know of who do guitar solos. Maybe that could be your thing. Who knows? x]