I'm doing an inexpensive frankenguitar build and wanted some input on pickups.

The neck I purchased is solid maple, and the body is basswood with a flame maple top.

The tone I'm looking for is mainly geared towards metal, but would be suitable for a variety of styles, a la Opeth.

My budget for this is whatever I can get for the EC-256 in my sig, plus some Christmas money if needed, and keep in mind I still need to get all the hardware.
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Good quality Basswood is nice. Though if you're buying a strat body it's probably going to be an Alder.
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I put a bridge humbucker into my frankenstrat. It was like this one:


I play a lot of classic hard rock and 80's hair music, with some metal. I thought it sounded absolutely SWEET for the price. No kidding. I was shocked at how good it sounded for the price. For the price I was expecting a notch above garbage, and what I got was almost comparable to the Rockfield Mafia pickups in my BC Rich.