I don't really like the video, it just doesn't seem to work. But that was a killer song, ****en loved it!
Our video is self produced.. We're amateur film makers .. haha! Thanks for the complements on the music \m/
Well I'm thankful it wasn't some emo/screamo/deathcore band in uber tight pants. The vocals arn't really my cup of tea, I would've preferred something akin to black metal. Everything else it ok though, videos a bit naff with the cliche clothes but could've been worse.
lol ^ I guess it always can be worse. I hope this video gives people interest to check out a few more of our songs / find us on facebook, reverbnation, and twitter. We have been a band close to 2 years and we hope to progress / evolve this project for years to come. Thanks again for checking our video out..... \m/