i bought a amp that was suppossed to be new from guitar center, they said it was new but did not have the original box, i noticed it was very clean and deep black, no marks, the floor model looked very dust filled and greyish so i said cool, then i noticed when i got it home the knobs had already been tinkered with, as if someone already played it, no big deal i thought, so the days went on and i ordered a celestion g12k-100 which is still in the mail. ive been reseraching tube replacements and got curious enough to open up my amp and reseat my tubes.

the first thing i noticed was my reverb box was not screwed down in all 4 screw spots, one was loose, one was completely stripped. i believe some must have removed this is order to get easy access to the tubes, and failed to replace it properly. all but one tube were rubys.

the next thing i noticed was the V5 ruby tube had really bent up pins when i pulled it out.....

the next thing i noticed was a ****ing sovtek in V1 slot.....this i assume is not stock at all.....

and the last thing i noticed was on another one of the tubes was some kind of blue plastic on the pin which was just some kind of debris, WTF i took that off.

i put all the tubes back, played a bit and my sound quality had increased a bit,
but im really considering taking this amp back to guitar center and telling them to give me my ****ing money back or someones taking a 6505 up the ass

i bought a 2 year warranty with them, and ive only had it a week, and i have until the end of feb. to return it. what should i do?

it the reverb thing an issue? i want to replace the speaker and get a really nice set of tubes from the tubestore but is it possible this amp has some kind of unfixable damage, and should i consider just taking this back and getting a new one?

also i noticed the sovtek was not as brightly lit up as the other 12ax7 preamp tubes.

any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

id like to add that it still sounds really good, but i grew up on solid state and distrortion pedals for the past 10 years, ive now graduated to a full blown tube, and my judgement may not be the best on how this thing should sound.
That does sound strange, i know Peavey sometimes puts Sovtek in their amps or Ruby's or JJ's dpending on what they can get at the time for the price they want to pay. What is unclear to me is if they ever mismatch brands. Im really not sure. I wouldnt take it back just because of that tho. So there was a screw missing and another stripped out of it @ the reverb box? Thats definately not a huge deal but if you paid the extra money for a new one i would suspect thats not new or peavey's QA/QC has gone to crap!
It was used. Stock tubes are all Rubys. Sounds like it works and there's no damage but if ur concerned take it back. They pulled one over on you.
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Sounds typical of the cheaper Peaveys. They kinda just throw whatever's in their tube bin into their amps. My Valveking had ruby power amp tube, two EH preamp tubes and 1 JJ 12AX7. Other people have reported all sorts of different tubes from the factory.

I haven't heard very good things about the quality control on the 6505 112's, and being made in China, I wouldn't doubt it. You're prolly fine though, just replace all the tubes, make sure everything is tightened down good, and you shouldn't have too many problems with it.
well the thing is i dont want them to say, "you opened it, now we cant take it back, if you call that opening it anyway, just took off that metal grill to get to the tubes.
also one screw was loose, which is now semi tight, and one stripped completely, so ill have to glue it or something if i dont do an exchange, i guess ill call and act like a new customer asking to see when they get more 6505 112s in stock, then head over and try for a replacement. i dont really like to buy used crap, if i knew everything is fine then id have no problem keeping it, but one 12ax7 tube pins were severely bent up......argh

also one of the speaker cab screws was stripped. but it was sealed pretty well with glue so i assume no one was trying to get in there, and is a QC thing.
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If they say "you opened it, we can't take it back" respond with "you sold me an amp that is clearly not new."

Tell them you're returning it and not coming back unless they get a new one shipped in from Peavey.
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Regardless of whether or not it's good condition, id return it out of principle. Unethical stores and scumball sales tactics receive absolutely no mercy from me, if that happened to me i would storm back there and raise all kinds of hell until i either got confirmation of a brand new one in the box on the way or a heavy discount on this used one you have. Dont talk to some lame duck sales guy, go straight to the manager or, if possible, the owner.
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well my main concern is the bent prongs on the ruby preamp tube. my understanding is, if its installed incorrectly, is it possible to do damage to components inside the amp which would not be a simple fix as replacing a tube would be? because it looks like someone who didnt know what they were doing just kind of forced it in there, and figured out what they had seated it wrong and bent it back into place and returned it or something, explaining why guitar center wouldnt have the orignal box. GC decides to say "ah its new enough well screw some guy"

im going to have to do an exchange for new just for peace of mind, withtin the past week, i went from no gear to buying a esp ltd ax-360, the hardshell case for it, the 6505 112 with extended warrenty, a g12k100 (in mail) and complete retube set from thetubestore (in mail) and dont want all that money invested going to waste on a half working amp.
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i took it back and got a new one in the box coming in from salt lake, thanks for input.
they definitely sold you a used one. they come with rubys in every position. thats good they're sending you a new one though
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Could I use a MIM HSS Strat through this amp? Or will it sound like sh*t???
It's important for me to know.

I could afford maybe an Overdrive pedal, but even so, what would a MIM Strat sound like?
No way to prove it was used or new. At the end of the day, it's a Chinese amp. Crappy quality control is what it is. It also wouldn't surprise me at all if the tubes were random. Sometimes they just throw whatever they have in there.
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I have a 6505+ and it had rubys in all positions and both power tubes were Rubys. I put my amp in to a trusted tech to get it worked on and have the speaker and tubes swapped over. I'm glad I did since the techs found a few time bombs waiting to make mischief if they hadn't been seen to. First off the bias was set way too high. 58 mA or so. The tubes were going to blow way before time at that level. Also the back of the amp had been glued and screwed on - great , unless you want to go in at some point to change the speaker which I did. Also one of the boards had residue on it which needed cleaning off. I changed my preamp tubes myself and yep some of the pins had been bent when they tried to seat the 12ax7 ruby's. So I would say it would probably worth getting the bias checked on these amps out the box if nothing else. I put a 12ay7 tube in V1 and slightly lower gain 12ax7's in the other slots and it has really tamed the edgy sound of this amp. That along with a new eminence swamp thang speaker have really made a difference to the sound.
Ps not all types of 12ax7 tubes will give you an obvious 'glow' when they are working so some might be brighter than others in operation but crackle, squeals, loss of volume are a sign the tubes are maybe suspect. Glad you got the amp swapped over though.