I have a kramer striker fr-424cm i've had it for 2 or 3 years now. I've always wanted to get a better set of humbuckers and coil as the stock ones don't sound that good. But i don't know which brand or models to get . I play mostly thrash, metal stuff. Like Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Preist, Maiden ect. So what 2 humbuckers and coil should i get to match their sound better? I'm willing to spend up to $250-ish dollars. Also i play mostly rhythm guitar, as i'm not very good at solos or should i say just not fast. About the best i can do right now is Sweating Bullets solo. But i view myself as a pretty decent rhythm guitarist. If any of that info helped at all. Also i've been thinking about replacing my Floyd Rose. I've seen some on eBay for around $100. What would be better a orignal, special, or pro? I am starting to get a lot more serious about my playing lately,
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About your floyd rose, go with the original. You can't go wrong with an OFR, especially a schaller. Second, for your pickup, try a Seymour Duncan of some kind or dimarzios. Something like D-Activators or even a Tone Zone would work good for metal. Try their pickup picker.
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Definitely an Original Floyd Rose or a Schaller Floyd. DO NOT use anything else. Then again, since its a new Kramer, pretty much any Floyd is an upgrade or just as good as the stock bridge. But since the Floyd is recessed you might need to make sure they fit. For the pickups, I know Dave Murry used a Dimarzio super distortion, Fender vintage single coil and a Dimarzio PAF in the neck on all Maidens 80's albums. So they might be good pickups for you. Metallica and Megadeth use EMG's mainly so they could be good too. And just so you know, Maiden and Judist priest are definitely not thrash
I have the exact same guitar, and I put a seymour duncan '78 special in the bridge. Now it's a tone monster
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