Hello guys. First thread here.
I want to buy a new amp. I want something versatile, since I play things like Bon Jovi, all the way to Trivium stuff.

I've been looking into some modellers. Two specific ones that have caught my attention are this ones:

Peavey Vypyr 30W

Vox Valvetronix VT40+

My brother has a VT30 and I actually like a lot some of the sonds you can get out of it.

I have a budget of around $300, so I'd like your opinion on what would be the best option for me, one of these models, or something completely different.

I'd use the amp mainly for practice/home recording, and maybe some gigs in small venues.

I use a Jackson JS32RT Dinky (http://www.jacksonguitars.com/en-MX/products/search.php?partno=2910027382)

I'd like to hear some recomendations from you guys. Thanks in advance!
I have the vypy 75 and love it which is in your price range. the thing is super loud too! if you had a bit more or are willingto go used there is a vyper 60 tube thats sounds great!
valvetronix are okay but not for jamming, if your just in your bedroom get it, it has a shitload of effects. but when you crank it up it the tone just isnt there
I tried the vypyr for abput 15 mins the other day, and the hi-gain tones sound pretty good, but I didn't have time to try cleans.

Also, in a gig we would have a 57 on each amp, so probably we wouldn't need to crank it up that much.
Considering this two things any other recomendations? thanks guys!
I've read many other reviews, videos, etc. about this two amps, and most people seem to recommend the Vypyr.
Is it really better than the VT40+? The vypyr is SS and the VT has a valve, as far as i know.

I ask because so far I've like dthe sound of my brothers VT30, but I'd like to get something a little bit different or slightly better.

I'm open to any other recomendations, butsince I live outside the US and there aren't many stores around here, I dont have too much options.

Any help is appreciated.
The VT is better for low gain- mid gain. It has one preamp tube that most would consider somewhat useless. I suppose you can call it a hybrid.

The SS Vypyr is better for metal. It has no tubes. It is completely a solid state amp.

The Tubed Vypyrs (60 and 120) have a tube power section and 1 preamp tube as a phase inverter. The preamp effects and amp models are analog. The post amp effects and pots are digital. It is considered a hybrid. I really like mine. It excels in all areas and will be better at cleans, mid-gain and metal than either of the first two.
Am I the only one who would recommend the Super Champ XD?
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I had the VT100 and I agree with Vertigo, its ok at practice volumes but for jamming or live use it has way to much bass and doesnt cut through very well. One of the best modellers I have heard is the Fender Mustangs. The mustang iii is $300, its 100 watts so its plently loud, it has all the effects you could want, and the tone is awesome.
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Thanks guys! Well, since my stores don't have many options, and most shops wont ship here, I've decided for the Vypyr. It's the only thing they have here that I think it's worth the money.
It's that, a Valvetronix or an MG.

Since we already have a Valvetronix, I'll go for the Vypyr, to get something different.
Thanks for the help and the patience!
^ Get the Vypyr 60 if you can swing it.

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Am I the only one who would recommend the Super Champ XD?

I like the SuperChamps a lot actually - but not for metal. I've heard good things about the Mustang III, but have not played one yet.