So I was looking into getting the SA/SA/85 combo for my strat project, but I realize that the prewired pickguards are cheaper and may be ok.

The only thing I want is to have at least a little bit of single coil ability, but I would never take passive singles on my neck position due to my high gain solo sound.

Do the prewired HSH pickguards (Screamers/Phat Screamers/Hexbuckers) coiltapped sound good? Are there any reviews on that aspect of them?

Bump. 40 views and nobody commented? Cmon now, surely someone has some experience in this field. I can't be the only one wondering.
I dunno about any of those but have you considered these?

Dragon fire also makes a EMG 81 copy and single coil actives as well that I believe you can get in a pre wired pickguard.
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You seem to be the guy with all the Dragonfire/Guitarheads type sellers knowledge around here. You got any experience with the passives? I was thinking of going with the EMG copy set, but I'm having second thoughts if I could get a prewired HSH config with built in coil tap.
The passives are not that bad. GFS has better passives though and lately DFG has been removing more items from there site. Now they only have a handful of prewired pickguards *i just checked an hour ago* and none of them have coil tapping. The EMG copy set are pretty good. Heres a video with 2 guys using the same guitar and the same amp with the same setting only one has EMG 81/85 and the other guy is using DFG 81/85 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iL1R92T1Gs