Hey guys, I need some advice on an epiphone les paul. I plan on getting one pretty soon, as Im saving every check I get for it. My budget is around 500-600 $

Will I be able to get a GOOD sounding quality les paul from epiphone for that price?
I play on A Schecter Omen-6 right now, and its beastly. Thanks for any advice fellas!
if you get a used one you'll be able to get a top of the line epi for that price range. I have a les paul custom that i got used for 350$

just don't get a special II, or 100 and you're going to get a decent guitar. make sure you try it first, new or used, because sometimes they'll come out of the factory with some imperfections.
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I have an epiphone les paul studio that was about $400 and I like it. The stock pickups aren't the best but if you have extra money replacing the pickups would make it sound even better.
On a related note how are the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra series? The acoustic pickup is very intriguing...
Cheap wood, cheap junk hardware and a bolt on neck.

TS: Buy an epi lp standard plus top, still have $ for new pickups, gibson pots and more $$ for joints.
This sounds dumb, but is there a difference between the LP Standard Plus Top and Plain Top besides the finish? The Plain Top is less expensive.
I see the Epiphone Standard Plus Tops in Black go for $430 new at all the dealers around my city. If you're lucky you could snag one for $225-275 on Ebay.

It's a good guitar, and it's good enough that you won't need to update anything right away on it, unless you're after hotter pickups or something.

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